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Building Trust in Your Business Email Communication

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Trusting communication is a key component in relationships. In face to face relationships, trust is earned through our words, actions, and eyes. In social media, brands or notable individuals obtain our trust earning the verified status tick mark, following the social platforms verification process.

Your business communicates to customers, supply chains, and business partners through email. So how do you establish trust? With email being inherently easy to spoof, do your employees and business partners trust that the emails they receive are from who they appear to be from?

Deploying DMARC

Deploying Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is a great start to ensure the emails you receive are trustworthy. DMARC allows users to reveal what an email from your organisation looks like, allowing them to authenticate any message that looks like it's from you and automate taking appropriate action.

Many businesses are now promoting the benefits of DMARC to their supply chain and business partners, encouraging (some mandating) its use. DMARC is an unforgiving technology that demands perfection to authenticate messages, but we don't live in a perfect world, far from it.

Proofpoint gives you the visibility and service experience to guide you through your own DMARC deployment. Moreover, it gives you visibility of the DMARC journey of those businesses you communicate with, allowing you to adapt your policies in line with how perfect or not their DMARC implementation has been.

This level of visibility allows the messaging and security teams to add value back to the business, increase trust, and manage the risks of your business relationship emails through visibility and control.

Authenticating email upfront can help remove the risk of spoofed messages, thwarting attacks like business email compromise, or credential phishing attempts.

However, in the same way we can't always trust the content that's tweeted out from a verified twitter account, we can't assume trust in an authenticated email. Email accounts can be hijacked just like twitter accounts, and it's a growing threat.

Scrutinise your email gateway's ability to detect imposter activity from legitimate authenticated email. Proofpoint's imposter classifier takes a dynamic approach to detecting fraudulent email patterns and blocking messages to reduce your risk of exposure to BEC and other attacks using compromised accounts in your supply chain and business partners.