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There are no absolutes in cybersecurity. With threats constantly evolving and attackers adopting new strategies, one-dimensional approaches to security simply won’t work, especially with threats like business email compromise (BEC)phishing and ransomware targeting your organization. 

That’s why protecting your two biggest assets—your people and your data—is a priority. 

It’s important to understand threat actors and how they attack your data, but also analyze human behaviors that can lead to breaches. It’s time to get back to the basics of information security—and do it the right way. 

In the latest issue of our exclusive magazineNew Perimeters, Proofpoint explores the idea of reinventing information security by prioritizing its two most critical components: people and data. We also examine the importance of ensuring your people have the knowledge, skills and tools to safeguard your valuable intellectual property and assets.

The path to protecting information goes through people

You must have data visibility, of course. But most importantly, you need to understand what your employees are doing with your data. The more insight you have, the better you’ll be able to put protections in place for your people and to defend the data they access, share and use. 

Information security is less about technology infrastructure and more about what it means to protect your information. People have access to information, and they get compromised. And amid the organizational chaos of remote and hybrid work, with people accessing data in many different ways that could harm your brand, protecting initial threat vectors such as email is vital. 

Securing the house: how to put protections where they matter most

As more of our data and networks make their way to the cloud, organizations are now living in the same “house.” From Proofpoint to Accenture. The Bank of England to a small high street café. We have the same front and back doors. The same lock mechanism. The same windows. The same perimeter fence—the same cloud productivity suites.

We all store our valuables in these houses, behind these protections. And we all need to stay safe from adversaries wishing to break in and take what’s ours.  

Secure the doors—and the people behind them

With limited budget and resources, encasing our house—Microsoft 365 and other cloud productivity applications—in impenetrable iron isn’t an option. Instead, we must place protections where they’re needed most.

With over 90% of successful cyber attacks requiring human interaction, it’s our people who need the most protection. That’s why any security solution starts with categorizing your Very Attacked People™ (VAPs) and targeting adaptive controls accordingly. 

But single-point deterrents and defenses aren’t enough. We need intelligent, multilayered, people-centric security

Proofpoint: your integrated, consolidated platform for all attacks targeting people

Pre-attack: Build comprehensive security awareness with ongoing training in the modes and methods of modern cyber attacks

  • Phishing lures
  • Compromised suppliers
  • Spoofed domains
  • Hijacked cloud accounts

Mid-attack: Implement additional layers of protection to stop threat actors in their tracks:

  • Email threat protection 
  • Malware, phishing and BEC detection
  • Warning flags
  • Integration with EDR, IDP and SIEM

 Post-attack: Initiate response and recovery to reduce disruption and better prepare for the next intruder. 

  • Automate containment of post-delivery detected threats
  • Get visibility into your riskiest users and VAPs to retarget adaptive controls
  • Analyze the attack chain with integrated dashboards and intelligent insight

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