Press Play: Hear What Proofpoint’s Experts Are Saying About BEC

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Today’s cyber criminals are dedicated like never before, investing a mind-boggling amount of time and effort into attacks designed to siphon off a company’s valuable resources. Malicious actors are clever, diligent, and highly invested. And why wouldn’t they be? Successful cyber fraud operations can snag a hefty payload from the unsuspecting employees of even the most well-protected organization. 

Businesses must be prepared to defend against an array of vicious online threats, including business email compromise (BEC). That’s a challenge, as sophisticated email scams change as fast as the technology designed to fight them. So, as cyber criminals get more resourceful, companies need to make sure they’re using the latest technology to protect their assets.


The hope for sidelining attackers that target human vulnerabilities and use crafty social engineering tactics to help them circumvent company defenses lies with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). To learn more, join industry experts Robert Holmes and Sam Scholten, with host Sherrod DeGrippo, in the two-part podcast, “Business Email Compromise and Email Fraud Defense.” They’ll discuss current threats—and how your organization can stay ever-vigilant. 

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