Insider Threat Management

How to Navigate Insider Risk

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A year ago, companies worldwide were forced to adapt to remote working caused by Covid-19. This change brought unique challenges to each person and organization, specifically to cybersecurity leaders who carry the weight of protecting their users. In today’s work-from-anywhere and the data-is-everywhere world, security leaders have to reassess their security programs to better manage external attacks, as well as risks from within.

Insider risk can vary from intentional to accidental – and don’t just spark from current employees. These risks may originate with former employees, contract workers, supply chain partners, or service providers. Threat activities, whether intentional or not, involve system sabotage, fraud, and data theft.  

We learned from the recent Gartner Market Guide the number of incidents in the last two years has increased by 47%. Those organizations impacted by insider threats spent an average of $11.45 million, a 31% increase from 2018. With incidents on the rise and so much at stake, organizations need to understand these types of threats better, identify the sensitive data at risk, and recognize how to execute an effective insider threat management program

In our latest insider threat webinar, Proofpoint’s experts Brian Reed, Cyber Evangelist, and Sai Chavali, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, will discuss how a people-centric approach can help you strengthen resilience and navigate insider risk.

This webinar covers: 

How will you navigate insider risk? Watch it here.