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IT Security Groups on LinkedIn Worth Joining

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IT Security Groups on LinkedIN Worth Joining

In today’s professional world, it’s not enough to just have a profile on LinkedIn and only connect to peers that you know.  You should also follow thought-leaders and join groups in your field.  Otherwise, you’re missing out. LinkedIn groups are a great utility to keep up-to-date with the latest news that’s most relevant to you. It will also help you gain a voice in your professional field by contributing valuable input, and discovering people you may never had the chance to connect with otherwise. Even better…get discovered by someone who can perhaps lead you to new possibilities, and opening new doors for you!

Below is a list of IT security and information technology auditing and compliance groups that you should absolutely join. In these groups, people in the IT security world share interesting blogs, news updates, job openings, and get into informative discussions.

Of course, Proofpoint has a group too! The group is for everybody who is interested in the best way to monitor and record remote terminal/console sessions (Terminal Services, Citrix, VMware, VNC etc.), and for ITM users. We would love it if you would like to ask us questions (general, or specific), share ideas, and advance the use of Proofpoint ITM for troubleshooting, compliance and security.

 IT Security Group in LinkedINNumber of MembersProfile Description

 1SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)4,503Strictly for SIEM topics. Although they don’t post frequently, when they do, there is quality content and high engagement. People discuss what’s posted and give great feedback. People like CISOs, Security Managers, Security architects, Security Analysts, Compliance officers, Compliance analysts that use SIEMs or are interested in the topic, will greatly benefit from this group.

2Information Security Careers Network (CISSP/CISM/IDM/IDAM/IAM/DPA/DLP/IT/InfoSec jobs) 33,127Great group to join if you’re looking for a job or are interested to see what careers are available in IT & Information Security. This group gets a lot of activity and there are frequent posts. It is specifically designed to provide you a way to connect to InfoSec professionals to each other and to recruiters.

3Information Technology Audit and Governance Group (Focused around IT, Security, Audit, and GRC) 42,106This group is highly engaging and can be helpful if you have any questions regarding all things related to GRC, information technology audit, compliance, quality assurance, business continuity, disaster recovery, IT governance, fraud, risk, and forensics.We will maintain information, discussion, and resources for information technology auditors, internal auditors, application auditors, compliance, information security and forensics professionals.Area of interests are: ISO27002, FIMSA, PII, FFEIC, PCI, DSS, SOX, FDA, HIPAA, HITECH, Basel II, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA, SAS 70 ASIS, CISSP, CISA, CISM, ISSA, IIA, ISACA

4CompliancEX47,559This is good to stay up to date. Lots of current articles and blogs posted that relate to current events and developments.CompliancEX (Compliance Exchange) is a LinkedIn network designed specifically for Compliance, Legal, Regulatory, Risk, Audit and related Professionals to easily access the latest Regulatory and Compliance news in real-time.

5Information Security Community186,118You’ll get the most out of this group. Aside from it’s obvious outstanding following, and hence, excellent source to network, they are constantly posting relevant and interesting blogs by professionals in the infosec industry daily. They cover topics that include compliance, encryption, anti-virus, malware, cloud security, data protection, hacking, network security, virtualisation, and more.