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Proofpoint for Citrix — Going Strong

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ObserveIT for Citrix — Going Strong

Citrix Replacement Update

Since Citrix stopped offering SmartAuditor and tagged Proofpoint as the replacement, we’ve been gaining ahuge amount of attention.  In fact, we’ll even be at Citrix Summit next week in Orlando, Florida to show off our solution.  If you’ll be there, stop by our booth #412 or contact us to set up an in-person demo.

You can also watch this quick demonstration of how Proofpoint's session recording system can be used to record and playback all user activity in Citrix XenApp published applications and on XenDesktop virtual desktops – with technology that officially replaces SmartAuditor.


For those of you who are still unfamiliar with Proofpoint's ITM solution for User Activity Recording and Monitoring for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, read this:

What’s Unique About Proofpoint? Why Use Proofpoint ITM?

  • Easily monitor business users and third-party consultants
  • Better helpdesk support via instant replayof any desktop or VDI session
  • Improved end user experience from help desk
  • Easier and cheaper regulatory compliance
  • Improved IT security with early data breach detection
  • Supports Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Keyword-searchable video recordings of every user action
  • Play back session videos from within security and service desk systems
  • Total coverage for VDI, desktops and serversrunning UNIX/Linux and Windows
  • Monitor and record all user activity in cloud applications
  • Small footprint: Recording 1000 servers requires less than 700GB/year

For more in depth, please contact us or read this brochure.