Cybersecurity Heroes Aren't Born ... They're Made

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As organizations have become more open to the idea of delivering security awareness training to employees, phishing has become a primary focus — and with good reason. There's no denying the prevalence of the threat or the damage it causes. Still, email is just one of many mediums at cybercriminals' disposal. As well, not all data breaches and security incidents happen as a result of an attack; plain old human error and a lack of knowledge of cybersecurity best practices are at the root of many mistakes, particularly when it comes to device and data management. These are just some of the reasons why organizations need to broaden their security awareness training initiatives beyond email-based social engineering.  

With this in mind, we invite you to view our SC Vendor Webcast, Cybersecurity Heroes Aren't Born ... They're Made, which covers the following:

  • Independent survey results that illustrate the risky end-user behaviors that are impacting organizations worldwide 
  • Key results from our 2018 Beyond the Phish® Report, which provides analysis of data from nearly 85 million responses to cybersecurity knowledge assessments and training challenges presented to Wombat end users across 12 categories and 16 industries
  • Why phishing tests and knowledge assessments provide different levels of insight into end-user cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Best practices and actionable tips that you can use to improve the effectiveness of your security awareness and training activities today, tomorrow, and into the future

Click the button below to register for the on-demand replay of Cybersecurity Heroes Aren't Born ... They're Made, which includes a Q&A session.