Fight Phishing With … People? The Short Answer Is ‘Yes.’

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Defense-in-depth solutions absolutely should incorporate strong technical defenses against phishing attacks, but as Kurt Wescoe, our Chief Architect, recently told the Information Security Media Group (ISMG), “Technology alone is not the solution. If I combine technology with people, I get better than if I just use one or the other.”

In a recent interview with ISMG, Wescoe discussed one of our favorite topics: people-centric security. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting end users and using human exploits to their advantage, as has been evidenced in a number of studies — including The Human Factor 2018, a Proofpoint report about social engineering attack trends.

Access the on-demand interview replay to hear more advice about how you can strengthen your last line of defense: your end users. Wescoe discusses a range of topics, including the following:

  • Current phishing trends that organizations are facing
  • Limitations of conventional end-user cybersecurity education
  • How Wombat takes a different approach to security awareness training