Third Video Campaign Series Takes Security Awareness Beyond the Phish

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Last year, we added Awareness Video Campaigns to our selection of security awareness training tools in direct response to an interactive discussion with attendees at our 2016 Wombat Wisdom Security Awareness and Training Conference. Today, we are excited to announce the addition of a third series of videos — and companion posters and imagery — to our Security Awareness Materials portfolio that will help our customers continue to develop and execute engaging and effective cybersecurity education programs.

“The W Files: #BeyondThePhish” theme — which features a comic book–like look and feel — offers a fresh approach to our Awareness Video Campaigns and covers topics not addressed in our “Great Saves” and “Don’t Let Thieves In” themes, including the following:

  • Smishing (SMS/text phishing message) and vishing (voice phishing phone calls)
  • Online shopping at work and oversharing on social media
  • Allowing family members to use corporate devices (a problem that was highlighted in results from our 2017 User Risk Report)

This addition to our Awareness Video Campaigns gives our customers more flexibility in introducing and reinforcing key cybersecurity concepts with their end users, but offers advice that is consistent with our other assessment and training materials. And as with the prior two series, “The W Files” was professionally and thoughtfully developed, ensuring that organizations have access to materials that are appropriate for virtually any corporate culture.

Cybersecurity Heroes Aren’t Born … They’re Made

Organizations that are not yet using Security Awareness Materials could benefit from supplementing their more formal employee security assessment and training initiatives with creative campaigns, which provide an attention-grabbing way to introduce employees to the importance of cybersecurity education and remind them that simple changes to their daily routines can make a difference. Customers who license this new offering will receive:

  • Videos – Each of the three security awareness videos is about one minute in length. The comic book styling is unique and memorable, which get employees to take notice.
  • Comic book – Customer will have access to print-ready files for a comic book that illustrates and reinforces all three stories present within the videos.
  • Posters – Companion posters use design elements and key messages from the videos and can be displayed throughout an organization to further enhance awareness and keep the conversation going.
  • Images – Key images will be made available so that organizations can create signs, giveaways, screensavers, and other visual elements to build broader internal awareness campaigns.

Our new “The W Files: #BeyondThePhish” campaign will be available to purchase later this year, and all customers who are currently licensing our Awareness Video Campaigns will receive automatic access to these new tools when they are officially launched. In the meantime, you can preview the materials on our website.