Why All Threats Are Not Created Equal

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If you could send an email as anyone, who would it be? An executive assistant, a payroll employee, or the CEO of a company? Jumping from persona to persona is the game that hackers are now playing.

In this episode, we interview Sherrod DeGrippo, Sr. Director of Threat Research and Detection at Proofpoint, about the psychology of today’s hackers.

Threat actors are continually asking these questions- Whose system do I want to get into? Who do I want to send an email as? Who else do I want to become next? Once the attacker compromises an account, the sky’s the limit. 

  In this episode, we talked about:

  • The psychology of threat agents and how they bounce across personas in an organization
  • Analyzing attacks from a people-centric viewpoint
  • The pattern and process of attacks, start to finish
  • Tools and technology to reduce vulnerabilities

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