Hospital Stops Email-Based Attacks From Unexpected Source

This non-profit health organisation began as a single, community-founded hospital in Newport News, Virginia. Since then, it has evolved into a flagship medical centre with affiliates throughout the region. The medical centre's commitment is to the health and wellness of all patients during every stage of life. From paediatrics to geriatrics, from birthing centres to retirement communities—it provides local, affordable access to more than 340 physician specialists and 130 care locations.


  • Prevent disruption caused by phishing and malware attacks delivered via the Zix Federation Network
  • Gain ability to identify and stop thousands of advanced email-based threats
  • Protect users against spoofing schemes the Solution


  • Proofpoint Email Security and Protection
  • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)
  • Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull
  • Proofpoint Email Data Loss Prevention
  • Proofpoint Email Encryption


  • Identified sources of chronic encrypted malware attacks and stopped them
  • Reduced spam emails in users’ mailboxes to near zero
  • Automated incident response steps to quarantine and remove malicious messages
  • Simplified users’ abilities to encrypt sensitive data
  • Dramatically improved IT team peace of mind

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