Riverbed Technology Controls Phishing and Fraudulent Business Emails With Proofpoint

The Challenge
  • Safeguard sensitive communications from phishing, fraudulent emails and other threats
  • Strengthen internal security best practices
  • Improve communication and accountability to management
The Solution
  • Proofpoint Email Protection
  • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection
  • Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull
  • Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense
  • Proofpoint Security Awareness Training
The Results
  • AI-powered email security protects organisation from malware and non-malware attacks
  • Accelerated threat response time to users from days to minutes
  • Applied training and tools to strengthen security culture

The Challenge

Strengthening security and minimising manual tasks

Riverbed offers solutions that enable organisations to visualise, optimise, remediate and accelerate the performance of any network for any application, helping them mitigate cyber security risk and enhance the digital experience for all end users. This innovative technology provider is focused on minimising security risks not only for customers, but for its 1,700 users as well. However, its existing email and web security platform was beginning to show its age.

“Our prior email security solution was very generic, and performing simple tasks such as spam filtering required using specific keywords,“ said Eddy Liang, security operations manager at Riverbed Technology. “And phishing attacks are always getting smarter, so we’re constantly adding to our block list, which creates a great deal of overhead. And to make matters worse, every phishing campaign we encountered could take us a week to resolve.”

Riverbed needed to upgrade its ageing email security platform, to save administrators time, and keep pace with the latest email threats and scams. The organisation was also seeking to build a stronger security culture, to help empower employees with best practices and tools to work more safely.

“Proofpoint Email Protection is great, and the quarterly checkups and level of engagement we have with the company are also key. I get questions from my manager from time to time, and having someone available that I can call and talk to is important.”

Eddy Liang, security operations manager, Riverbed Technology

The Solution

Updated email security and training for today’s threats

Liang and his team started by upgrading Riverbed’s core email gateway to Proofpoint Email Protection, a complete email security platform that blocks phishing, malware and other advanced threats. The deployment went smoothly, and Proofpoint Professional Services helped Riverbed realise the value of its investment quickly.

“We run a very lean shop, and we could have never done it if it weren’t for the Proofpoint Professional Services team, which helped guide us through our entire journey,” said Liang. “The maturity and completeness of the product, together with the in-person and remote support, were the reasons we went with Proofpoint.”

Business email compromise (BEC) attacks are also an increasing concern for Riverbed, so the organisation augmented its email gateway solution with Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense.

“Over the years, Riverbed has made several acquisitions, and accumulated a lot of external domains,” said Liang. “Locking down our domains had not been as much of a priority. We wanted to implement Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) to gain more visibility into our domains. And we chose Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense to help us simplify the journey.”

To help educate users and help them respond safely to sophisticated attacks, the team chose Proofpoint Security Awareness Training. This solution helps employees better understand threats through targeted education, simulated attacks, and best practices recommendations.

The Results

Minimising phishing and email fraud

Proofpoint Email Protection classifies and stops phishing emails, malware and other threats. It provides a modern approach that is powered by machine learning.

“In the past, we had to work to mitigate new phishing campaigns about once a week,” said Liang. “Our team had to determine what the payload looked like, whether a user had executed it, and then work with the networking team to modify the firewall or block it. Since having deployed Proofpoint three years ago, we’ve seen maybe three campaigns where we had to spend much less time mitigating these kinds of issues.”

If a questionable email does get through, Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) lets Liang and his team analyse and quarantine it after delivery.

“If an individual user clicks on a link, TRAP can generally handle most of the process,” said Liang. “If a user has a question about a specific interaction, it takes us maybe 30 minutes to examine it with Proofpoint tools and intelligence, compared to a day or two in the past.”

Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense has also played an important role in helping the organisation implement DMARC security, and protect its brand against email fraud attacks.

“The whole process of turning on DMARC was a huge accomplishment,” said Liang. “Our Proofpoint consultant was critical to our success. He guided us through the process and flushed out potential risks along the way. We identified about 650 domains, determined which ones were sending, and apply DMARC authentication and protection to them.”

People are always a key part of threat mitigation, and Proofpoint Security Awareness Training has helped Riverbed educate its users on best practices. This helps minimise their interactions with possible email threats.

“You must continuously reinforce training, and our monthly education campaigns have helped us reduce phishing click rates from 30% down to about 8%,” said Liang.

With its broad suite of email security solutions, Riverbed not only has the tools and technologies needed to protect its organisation and customers, but a strong strategy and culture that minimises risk.

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