SaaS Security AS

SaaS Security Resellers keep customers happy with unique email continuity features, as well as providing customers with enterprise class security, SaaS security is able to offer an Emergency Inbox, Instant Replay and Email Spooling and therefore can keep any SMEs Email up and running during unforeseen circumstances.

SaaS Security AS, a Norwegian distributor of Cloud Services, is one of Proofpoint Essentials’ loyal partners. By distributing the Proofpoint Essentials cloud email security solution to their wide variety of resellers, they ensure that SMEs across Norway and Sweden are completely protected against email threats and server downtime. SaaS Security’s primary focus is 100% cloud solutions and their goal is to supply more and more small enterprises with email security that is built entirely on cloud architecture.

“Proofpoint Essentials is ideal for Resellers and End-Users alike”, Egil Loseth, Managing Director, SaaS Security AS

Why did SaaS Security choose Proofpoint Essentials?

SaaS Security required a vendor that provided a 100% cloud service offering, a simple interface with one login for all users and an innovative billing structure for resellers. When SaaS Security’s previous vendor stopped providing an email security solution, they had to begin searching for a replacement. After researching over 10 different vendors without finding one that suited their requirements, a business associate recommended that they try Proofpoint Essentials (at that time called Maildistiller).

Since May 2012 they have been successfully deploying Proofpoint Essentials to around 50 resellers across their region and are working with the team at Proofpoint to help their resellers grow their businesses in the SME market. So far SaaS security’s resellers have been thrilled with the results. They have found the flexibility of the Proofpoint Essentials partnership refreshing as it includes no fixed long-term contracts and innovative licensing models with billing options to suit the needs of each partner. Additionally resellers are excited to have the unique emergency inbox in their email security offering as very few other vendors have this functionality.

“We chose Proofpoint Essentials because of the combination of good price and good product” Egil Loseth, Managing Director, SaaS Security AS

How has the Business package helped SaaS Security’s reseller grow their businesses?

SaaS Security’s resellers have found selling this package very straightforward as it has the full suite of continuity features which end-users love, making it simple for them to position the product.  Now around 80% of SaaS Security’s customers are using the business package. According to Loseth, Proofpoint Essentials is a popular choice because “firstly there are not many email security vendors that offer this great suite of continuity features and secondly the majority of our SME customers prefer a 100% cloud solution.”

Their resellers find the product easy to use which means they can spend more time focusing on growing the business rather than figuring out how the product works. “Implementing Proofpoint Essentials is quick and easy” says Loseth “our resellers especially like that they don’t have to spend a lot of their time managing it.”

“I personally recommend the business package to all my resellers because email continuity is a necessity for any enterprise.” Egil Loseth, Managing Director, SaaS Security AS

What does SaaS Security love most about the Proofpoint Essentials Solution?

  • The features: Loseth believes that the Email Continuity features (emergency inbox, instant replay and email spooling) are the key selling points about Proofpoint Essentials. Their Customers and prospects frequently ask about these features as it is essentials that a business “never misses an email.”
  • Working with the Proofpoint Essentials team: Loseth enjoys working with the whole Proofpoint Essentials team as he always gets a quick response from sales, marketing, technical support and his channel account manager. “Technical support is always quick to get in touch and resolve any issue.” Egil Loseth, Managing Director, SaaS Security AS
  • The User Interface: The SaaS Security team find the User Interface easy to navigate, easy to understand and are pleased with the wide variety of functions. According to Egil “You really don’t need to be a professor to use the product.” He explains that once resellers and their customers are fully set up, actually using the product is self-explanatory.  “It is this functionality which makes it easy to position the product against the competition.” SaaS Security’s resellers especially like the rebranding functions on the interface as it allows them to make the interface into their very own service.


Proofpoint and SaaS Security AS are excited to continue growing together and delivering bespoke Cloud Email Security to many more small enterprises in Norway and Sweden. Proofpoint Essentials has allowed SaaS Security and its resellers to stand out from the crowd with a special Email Continuity Suite.

About SaaS Security:

  • Founded in 2010
  • Based in Norway
  • Managing Director, Egil Loseth has been working successfully in the distribution of security products since 1992
  • SaaS Security AS is the first dedicated distributor of cloud security services in Norway.
  • Distributes 100% cloud solutions through Channel Partners
  • Mission Statement: “We market world class cloud security services in Norway, helping service providers and IT resellers move to a sustainable SaaS business model.”
  • Services: Cloud email security, disaster recovery, email encryption, data protection, web filtering and 2-factor user authentication as a service.
  • http://www.saassecurity.no/