Lincoln Memorial University

Lincoln Memorial University was founded in 1897 as a memorial to America’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Today, it’s a private four-year liberal arts college with almost 4,000 students working toward undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. With students and faculty members increasingly targeted by phishing attacks, the university chose Proofpoint for greater protection and peace of mind.

“Phishing was our biggest problem,” said Clandis Smith, Network Administrator at Lincoln Memorial University. “Phishing emails got through our Barracuda filtering solution and tempted students, faculty, and staff to click on malicious links.”

Download the case study to learn how Proofpoint protects Lincoln Memorial University from advanced threats in email while also protecting data being sent out from the University.

“Proofpoint delivers one of the best email protection solutions that I’ve used,” said Smith. “It covers our bases completely, and we don’t worry about email defenses anymore.”


  • Stop phishing attacks to prevent credential theft
  • Prevent university communications from being blocked
  • Respond faster to potential incidents
  • Protect sensitive patient and financial data from loss


  • Proofpoint Email Protection
  • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection with URL Defense
  • Proofpoint Email Encryption
  • Proofpoint Email DLP


  • Reduced phishing and unauthorized mass mailings to nearly zero, stopping advanced threats from reaching users’ mailboxes
  • Automated data loss prevention and encryption and gained detailed reporting without affecting the user experience
  • Saved hours and days of time dealing with phishing attempts and remediation
  • Respond up to 60 percent faster to stop or remediate a potential incident

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