The Human Side of Hacking

85% of executives identified that most cybersecurity breaches are a result of human vulnerabilities. Not because of technology, but because of people. In this series, we hear from various guests on how cyber attacks are changing, what that means for cybersecurity, and the modern approaches you can take to manage these threats.  

S01E06: Why All Threats Are Not Created Equal

If you could send an email as anyone, who would it be? You might pick an executive assistant, the agent of your favorite band, or a payroll employee. Jumping from persona to persona is the game that hackers are playing now.
Oct 23, 2020

S01E05: Exploring Vulnerability: Why Phishing Works

Just 61% of survey respondents knew what the definition of phishing was — and that was from a multiple choice list. This response is a huge indication of the language gap between InfoSec and users, which speaks to the urgent need for security awareness training.
Oct 23, 2020

S01E04: A Model for Assessing Today’s Threats

Why would you do something hard when you could do something easy? That’s exactly what attackers are thinking. 99% of attacks rely on duping a human to run malicious code. In this episode, we interview Ryan Kalember, EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint about why today’s attacks are about people, not infrastructure. What we talked about:
Oct 23, 2020

S01E03: Executive Spotlight: Interview with Atlassian CISO

The biggest cybersecurity challenges are the wicked problems, the unsolvable, people-based problems. On this episode, we interview Adrian Ludwig, CISO at Atlassian, about how he protects people against people-based risks: What we talked about:
Oct 23, 2020

S01E02: Executive Spotlight: Interview with Signify’s Global Head of Infosec Risk

There are only two types of companies in the world today: companies that are compromised and companies that don’t know they’re compromised. Which one is yours?
Oct 23, 2020

S01E01:Cyber Insecurity: Surprises From the Economist Research

85% of execs identified that most cybersecurity breaches are a result of human vulnerabilities. Not because of technology. Because of people.
Oct 23, 2020