Proofpoint Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Cloud Security

As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, enterprises need a better alternative for access than traditional VPN. Proofpoint Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) leverages a software-defined perimeter for cloud-delivered secure remote access to resources in the datacentre and the cloud.

Use Cases

People-centric security and simple cloud management

Next Generation VPN Alternative

Experience a better way to connect remote employees, partners and customers to your datacentres and cloud infrastructure, with tighter security, superior user experience and reduced IT management. Proofpoint ZTNA eliminates the headaches of conventional VPNs - overly permissive access, slow connections, and endless administration - while delivering segmented, verified and audited access for every type of user.

  • Granular Access - Reduce exposure by granting each user explicit access to specific applications. The rest of the network is hidden from view.
  • Convenient User Experience – Enable access to authorised applications wherever they are located with a single, always-on connection. The cloud-native, encrypted overlay network features global PoPs to optimise performance.
  • Central Management and Total Visibility – The cloud-delivered secure access solution frees up IT from managing rules and troubleshooting problems across appliances in multiple locations.

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Cloud Migration

Eliminate the complexity of providing secure remote access when moving to cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. With Proofpoint ZTNA, seamlessly set up cross-cloud connections and apply security policies. Provide users with micro-segmented secure access to hundreds of cloud instances, automate cloud-to-cloud connectivity, or enable hybrid cloud networking between on-premise servers and public clouds.

  • Single Connection Access – Users connect once to access one or more clouds, data centres or even branches, based on policy.
  • Granular, Identity-Based Security - Define granular access policies for applications, servers or networks within each cloud.
  • Enhanced User Experience – Enjoy reduced latency and secure access to authorised applications wherever they are located leveraging a global networks of PoPs.
  • API Automation - Automate cloud-related network workflow from policy definitions through dynamic access assignments, egress rules and more.

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Secure Remote Access for Contractors

Easily enable third party secure remote access for contractors, partners and customers to the applications they need while limiting the risks associated with excessive privileges. Upgrade from VPN and adopt a zero-trust security alternative that offers segmented, verified, audited access for every user. Proofpoint ZTNA provides a consistent user experience via the Proofpoint ZTNA client or a browser. Compared to conventional VPN, access is simple and transparent, anywhere in the world.

  • Reduced risk - Create an identity- and context-based boundary around applications and enforce a customised policy for each device. Unauthorised resources are invisible, reducing the potential attack surface.
  • Application-specific access - Define policies and associate contractors with specific applications and services, rather than providing access to entire network segments.
  • Easy onboarding - Manage remote access policies to all enterprise resources in the data centre or the cloud from a single cloud console.

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M&A Integration

Mergers and acquisitions often involve a sudden influx of new employees who need access to essential corporate resources as quickly and smoothly as possible. Combining corporate networks and establishing a new perimeter is typically a complex and time-consuming project. With Proofpoint ZTNA, setup takes days rather than months; instead of securing a physical perimeter, Proofpoint ZTNA creates a software defined perimeter (SDP) that provides segmented, audited access for every user.

  • Simplified onboarding and management – Streamline deployment with cloud-delivered secure remote access and central policy management for all enterprise resources in the data centre or the cloud.
  • Global network backbone - Support thousands of concurrent users with a cloud-native, encrypted overlay network and a large number of global PoPs.
  • Auditing and analytics - Ensure all network traffic is fully attributed and auditable with permanent user/device identity embedded at the packet level.

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Proofpoint Cybersecurity Solutions, Services, and Training

Cloud-delivered secure remote access

Enjoy a seamless user experience with simple deployment and central remote access policy management though client or clientless modes.

Proofpoint Cybersecurity Solutions, Services, and Training

Zero-trust security

Isolate the network with adaptive controls and micro-segmented application access to restrict remote access to only what’s needed.

Proofpoint Cybersecurity Solutions, Services, and Training

People-centric, software-defined perimeter

Protect employees, contractors, partners and data both on- and off-premise.


Experience the next generation in secure enterprise application access.

As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, enterprises need a better alternative for secure remote application access than the conventional VPN.

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