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Domain Discover for Email

Prevent threats that use lookalike domains before they attack


Proactively protect your organisation from highly targeted, socially engineered email spoofing attacks coming from lookalike domains. Proofpoint Domain Discover for Email gives you the actionable intelligence to preemptively stop impostor emails before they reach your inbox.

Features and Benefits

Proactive Blocking Against Targeted Email Threats

Proofpoint Domain Discover for Email analyses over 300 million registered domains every single day to identify lookalike domains that might be used to target your end-users with email spoofing. With our in-depth analysis, we provide customers with accurate intelligence about the subdomains and URLs that pose risk to your organisation.

Domain Discover helps organisations to:

  • Take a proactive approach to block targeted threats, including email fraud and credential phishing
  • Understand your potential security exposure
  • Extend security beyond domains you own

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Better Visibility

Domain Discover for Email saves you time and resources. You get detailed visibility of any domain spoofing your organisation. Automated tags indicate risk level to help you quickly assess:

  • Security risk domains that are part of a phishing or cyber attack
  • Suspicious domains that are dormant for a potential future attack
  • Brand-owned, defensively registered domains

Built-in Mitigation Workflow

Domain Discover for Email makes responding to email spoofing, fraudulent domains and URLs easy. Using the administration console, you can initiate a request to third-party takedown services.

This makes it easy for:

  • Seamless integration with the takedown services
  • Tracking the status and outcomes of takedown requests

Ability to receive automated reports when new suspicious domains are detected

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