Corporate Employees Using an Encrypted Email Service

Email Encryption

Transparent protection for sensitive email messages and attachments. Seamless, easy access for affiliates, business partners, and users.


Traditional email encryption solutions or services messaging-encryption solutions can be challenging for users. With Proofpoint Email Encryption, messages and attachments are automatically encrypted with complete transparency. Users don’t need to manually encrypt their email to send and receive messages securely—it just happens in the background. Email Encryption simplifies secure communications and leaves you in control.

Features and Benefits

Simplified policy management

All email encryption policies are centrally managed and enforced at the gateway. A convenient graphical interface helps you define email encryption policies, which can be triggered by messages containing regulated information or intellectual property.

No-touch key management

Email Encryption eliminates the administrative overhead of key management. As keys are generated, they are securely stored, managed and made highly available through our cloud-based infrastructure. Administrators can even allow end users to revoke, expire, or restore access to encrypted email messages.

 Proofpoint's Email Security Service Protects People and Organisations

Coverage across email, network shares, and the cloud

Email Encryption makes the most of your existing investments in our Email and Information Protection solutions. The products share more than 80 template-based policies—including PCI, HIPAA, PII and more—across email and files on network shares and SharePoint sites. Custom policies can extend to both data in motion and at rest, all encrypted through Email Encryption.

The DLP Dilemma

Why most data loss prevention deployments aren't working—and how the Proofpoint Information Protectiuon Suite can help.

Support, Services & Training

We offer world-class support, services, and email encryption training to maximize your investment.