Prevent identity risks and detect real-time identity threats with automated remediation


Proofpoint Spotlight helps automatically prevent identity threats and detect lateral movements.

When attackers first land on a host, it’s very rarely their end target. This means they need to escalate privilege and move laterally to achieve their objectives. It’s fast, easy, and effective for them to exploit privileged credentials. It’s also hard for organisations to detect. With Spotlight, you can detect these privilege escalations and lateral movements across your environments.

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Proofpoint Shadow uses modern deception technology to stop attackers before they know it.

If you’re using traditional signatures or behavioural analysis as methods for detection, your security team can be overwhelmed with false positives and alert fatigue. To consistently detect modern cyber attacks, you need deceptive technology techniques that give you high-fidelity detection of privilege escalations and lateral movement. Unlike traditional approaches, Proofpoint Shadow uses agentless methods to actively engage attackers in your production environment for the sole purpose of detecting their existence.

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