Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Information Protection

Email is the most critical risk vector for inbound threats. It’s also a critical threat vector for outbound data loss. Proofpoint Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) mitigates the risk of data breach via email. And it satisfies compliance with our 80+ built-in policies. It gives you out-of-the-box visibility and enforcement without the complexity and cost of disparate solutions. And it’s integrated with Proofpoint Enterprise DLP, which brings together our market-leading DLP solutions for email, cloud and endpoint.

Detect and Protect Critical Information

Proofpoint Email DLP detects sensitive data and confidential information. And it keeps it from leaking outside your organisation through email. It accurately identifies sensitive information, detects data exfiltration transmissions via email, and stops critical data loss.

Proofpoint Endpoint Data Loss Protection

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Protect your data against accidental mistakes, attacks and insider risk. And defend your content across cloud services, email, endpoint and on-premises file shares.

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Exact Data Matching

Identify data unique to your organisation

Easily upload or create custom dictionaries or custom identifiers unique to your organisation, such as financial services account numbers, local forms of ID and medical record numbers, to analyse email data that matters to you.

Content Analysis

Deep Analysis and Fingerprinting

With Email DLP, you can accurately detect sensitive data within unstructured content. Over 300 file types can be scanned out of the box. Sensitive documents are fingerprinted—with both full and partial matching capabilities—even if the data resides in different file formats.


Automate Regulatory Compliance

Email DLP automatically looks for all standard forms of restricted content. And it quickly detects sensitive data with its pre-built dictionaries. With its detailed algorithmic checks that are built into smart identifiers, it minimises false positives for credit card numbers, identification numbers and a wide variety of sensitive information. With Email DLP, you can comply with PCI, SOX, GDPR, PII, HIPAA and more.


Get Complete Visibility into Your Data

Email DLP is integrated with Proofpoint Enterprise DLP. This allows you to find, track and safeguard data in email, cloud applications, endpoints, on-premises file shares and SharePoint. And you can easily apply common data detectors across channels. This helps save you time and eliminates administrative headache.

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