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Traditional cybersecurity has been focused outside-in. Modern security programs need to complement traditional security solutions with a solution that looks inside-out. ObserveIT Insider Threat Management (ITM) helps organisations protect against data loss, malicious acts, and brand damage involving insiders acting maliciously, negligently, or unknowingly.

Protect your IP and people from insider threats across the organisation

52% of data breaches are insider driven – and the cost has doubled in the last three years. ObserveIT Insider Threat Management (ITM) empowers security teams to detect Insider Threats, streamline their investigations and protect against data loss.

2020 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report

Cost of Insider Threats 2020 Report

According to the study, the average global cost of Insider Threats rose by 31% in two years to $11.45 million, and the frequency of incidents spiked by 47% in the same time period.

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Real-world Insider Threat Signals

Protect your organisation’s IP and your people's hard work by detecting malicious and accidental insider risks in real-time. 400+ real-world insider risk scenarios from 1200+ active customers, based on NIST, CERT and NITTF expertise.


Resolve Investigations In Minutes, Not Days

When a potential insider threat incident is detected, you need answers – fast. ObserveIT Insider Threat Management (ITM) is the solution cybersecurity teams turn to for rapid and accurate insider threat investigations, gaining comprehensive visibility into user and data activity all in one place. Understand intent and build a case when the clock is ticking with ObserveIT ITM.


Protect With Real-Time Response

Upon detecting risks, security team need a variety of response options from real-time user awareness through comprehensive logging to robust app-blocking controls.


Real-time insight on threats to help you prioritise and act on them

Insider Threats are hard to detect. ObserveIT Insider Threat Management (ITM) focuses on detecting and responding to those insider threats from users who already have access and knowledge of your sensitive data and critical systems.

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