Detection and Prevention

Information Protection

Early warning signs of insider risks and endpoint data loss

Tell tale signs of endpoint data loss by accident or suspicious activity by insiders are not similar to that of your usual hacker or malware in your system

Stop data loss with Endpoint DLP and ITM platform

Detect accidental and malicious file download, upload, deletion, cut, copy, paste, rename and printed across

  • Web
  • USB
  • Local cloud sync
  • Print jobs
  • Email attachment
  • Raw text in an application

Prevent risky data interaction on common endpoint channels based on source URL, data classification label, file extensions, user groups, USB devices, cloud storage vendors and many more.

Prevent Risk Data Interaction Dashboard


Detect suspicious activity by insiders with ITM

Identify privilege abuse, security controls bypass, unauthorized access, application misuse, illegal activity, fraud, IT sabotage, and other out-of-policy behaviors with an easy to use insider threat rules engine

Dashboard to Detect Suspicious Activity by Insiders with ITM

Risky behaviour threat hunting

Leverage the powerful search and filter engine to proactively identify risks based on customized data explorations. Build your own exploration for your organization or use preset explorations based on the wisdom of our customers

Risky Behavior Threat Hunting Dashboard

Lightweight endpoint architecture

Endpoint agents collect the telemetry and conduct the prevention actions. Running primarily in user mode with our patented file driver helps ITM achieve industry-leading lightweight architecture. Customers often run us in parallel with other endpoint security products without the traditional headaches of end user complaints nor performance degradation.

Endpoint Agents, ITM Platform, Infographic

Want to see ITM in action?

Let us walk you through Proofpoint Insider Threat Management and answer any questions you have about insider threats.