Q3 Threat Report

Our latest report reveals top threats and trends for Q3 2017


Malicious URL attacks returned with a vengeance. Ransomware reigned supreme. And fraudsters worked aggressively to impersonate trusted brands in email, social media and the web. Those are just a few of standout trends we saw in the third quarter within our global customer base and in the wider threat landscape. 

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Key Findings


  • Malicious email volume soared 85% from the prior quarter, propelled by an explosion of malicious URL attacks.
  • Ransomware remained the top malware category, accounting for almost 64% of all email malware attempts across our global customer base.
  • Banking Trojans represented 24% of all malicious email volume, with a strain called “The Trick” accounting for 70% of that total.
  • Email fraud attempts rose 29% over the previous quarter.

Exploit kits and web-based attacks

  • Traffic from exploit kits (EKs) held steady but at levels a mere 10% of its 2016 peak.
  • The RIG EK accounted for 76% of all EK activity. Attackers are layering social engineering schemes into their EK campaigns.


  • Suspicious domain registrations outnumbered defensive registrations 20 to 1.
  • Defensive registration of brand-owned domains fell 20% vs. the year-ago period. Suspicious domain registrations grew 20%.

Social Media

  • Fraudulent support accounts, used for so-called “angler phishing,” doubled from the year-ago quarter.
  • The number of fake customer support accounts grew 5% over the previous quarter while the volume of phishing links on branded social channels rose 10%.

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