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KuppingerCole Analysts Report: Leadership Compass Email Security

A guide to finding an email security solution that best meets your needs 

Are you concerned about today’s increasingly sophisticated email threats? Do you want to learn more about these threats and potential solutions? This KuppingerCole report can help. It examines the email market, security vendors and innovative approaches that can guide you to better defend against these modern attacks.

Email security is a must-have for all organisations. And in this report, you will learn why Proofpoint was named an overall leader and in all categories, including product, innovation, market and technology. You’ll also see how Proofpoint Threat Protection can help protect your people and organisation from the rising tide of cyberthreats.

A few key report findings:  

  • Email is a primary vector for many cyberattacks, and malicious actors are constantly evolving their techniques and payloads.
  • Malicious actors are using generative AI to create much more realistic phishing and spear phishing emails, leading to more incidents of business email compromise (BEC).
  • Security vendors are also leveraging AI, including Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) algorithms for detecting anomalous and suspicious email and malicious content. 

KuppingerCole report on Overall Leadership rating for Email Security

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