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Secure Your Microsoft 365 Deployment

Augment M365 security to break the attack chain 

As businesses continue to move to the cloud and support a remote workforce, securing your organisation's data has become more critical and complex than ever. While businesses rely on Microsoft 365 for day-to-day collaboration needs, it's important to ensure the right security tools are in place to protect your business.

Our e-book offers insights into the latest threats facing cloud-based environments and strategies to protect against them.

Discover how you can:

  • Dramatically reduce email attachment analysis time to under three minutes, improving your organisation's productivity
  • Manage cloud threats and shadow IT, ensuring your cloud and third-party OAuth apps are properly governed
  • Trigger access controls to stop Microsoft 365 account takeovers
  • Simplify compliance with unified DLP  policies across email and the cloud
  • Quickly access archive search results in 20 seconds or less
  • Empower your workforce with security training to protect against the latest threats to Microsoft 365