Solution Brief

Proofpoint CASB Adaptive Access Controls

Manage access and data to secure your cloud apps

The working environment has changed. So are the cybersecurity risks your users face. Remote work, unmanaged devices and cloud services mean your people may no longer have the protections that kept them safe on the corporate network. Securing their accounts—the keys to your data, other users and even your supply chain—has never been more critical. Proofpoint CASB Adaptive Access Controls can help you secure access to cloud apps, prevent data loss and stay compliant.

Download our CASB solution brief to learn how our adaptive, risk-based approach helps you:

  • Focus extra protection on users who need it the most
  • Prevent cloud account takeover
  • Deploy people-centric cloud-access policies
  • Apply step-up authentication, device-based policy rules and VPN enforcement to accounts that need it—without burdening users who don't