Threat Report

Protecting People: Global Attack, Privilege, and Vulnerability Analysis in Cybersecurity

Anyone can be a VAP: Very Attacked Person™ And they're not always the people you expect.

Our latest Protecting People cybersecurity threat report explores who’s being targeted, how they’re being attacked, and what you can do about it.

Here are some highlights:

  • More than 20% of the email addresses at the highest risk from malware and credential phishing attacks were generic aliases. These accounts are typically shared by or forwarded to two or more employees within an organisation—making them much harder to protect.
  • Workers in R&D/engineering and marketing/PR support were among the departments facing the largest overall risk from email-based malware and phishing attacks. They also received among the highest volume of cyber attacks.
  • Workers in facilities/internal support also were among the groups at the highest overall risk from such attacks. But in terms of sheer volume, they faced a smaller number of attacks. The mismatch suggests they were targeted by fewer but more severe cyber threats than other groups.
  • VAPs in lower-management roles are targeted in nearly 8% more email-based malware and phishing attacks than workers at other career levels. But their overall risk from these attacks is roughly equal to workers at other levels, suggesting they tend to be targeted in higher-volume attacks.
  • Overall, VAPs at every rung of the corporate ladder are at a roughly equal risk from email-based malware and phishing attacks. It’s more evidence that your VAPs aren’t always your VIPs.

Download the full cybersecurity threat report four the latest insight into today’s highly targeted attacks.