2022 Threat Landscape:
What's New in '22

Latest Analysis First Published February 2, 2022

Every year, Proofpoint’s threat experts examine trends from the prior year and anticipate changes in the threat landscape for the year ahead. For 2022, some of the top concerns include the evolving threats presented by initial access brokers, ransomware affiliates, easy and widespread access to commodity malware and rising insider threats.

Join Proofpoint’s experts for a 1-hour deep dive into cybersecurity threats to look out for in 2022. You'll learn how to prepare and protect your most valuable assets: your people and your data.

We'll cover:

  • The evolution of the threat landscape for 2022
  • Key actions you can take to prepare your organization
  • Top resources to help support your security efforts


BONUS: As a thank you for attending, all participants will receive an exclusive Threat Insight report on Initial Access Broker activity and current landscape trends.


Tim Choi

VP of Product Marketing at Proofpoint

Tim specializes in product marketing and management of early stage products. His industry expertise includes cloud services, enterprise collaboration & software, and email security. Tim also has experience in international market development, such as Canada, Japan, and APAC.

Chris Dawson

Threat Intelligence Lead at Proofpoint

Christopher Dawson has spent decades in IT and cybersecurity after a circuitous journey through public health, public education, and journalism. He works every day with customers to build their awareness, address emerging threats, and enhance their security posture.