2024 Cybersecurity Trends in EMEA:

What You Need to Know


Recorded on 25th January 2024 

Every year, Proofpoint's threat experts examine trends from the prior year and anticipate changes in the threat landscape for the year ahead. For 2024 in EMEA, some of the top concerns include the rise of offensive AI, maturing toolsets that make it easier for threat actors to attack a range of new industries, and continued attacks against identities and privileges.

Join our experts for a 30 minute deep dive into cybersecurity threats to look out for in 2024. You will learn how to prepare and protect your most valuable assets: your people and your data. We'll cover:

  • The evolution of the threat landscape and predictions for 2024
  • Key actions you can take to protect your organisation through every stage of the attack chain
  • Top resources to help strengthen your security posture


Matt Cooke

Director of Product Marketing

Matt Cooke is the Director of Product Marketing at Proofpoint, where he drives product marketing strategy across the EMEA region. He provides expertise on key regional cybersecurity strategies such as people-centric security, security awareness, risk management and insider threats.

Matt has 20+ years of experience in hands-on technical and strategic marketing roles within IT teams and security vendors. Prior to joining Proofpoint, he was Director of Product Marketing at Sophos, following a senior product marketing role at Symantec, as well as additional product-focused roles at IT organisations.

Christopher Dawson

Threat Intelligence Lead

Christopher Dawson has spent decades in IT and cybersecurity after a circuitous journey through public health, public education, and journalism. He works every day with customers to build their awareness, address emerging threats, and enhance their security posture.