The 2024 Data Loss Landscape Report:
Lessons to Enhance your Cyber Resilience


Recorded on 18th April 2024

The results of our inaugural 2024 Data Loss Landscape report show that people are the root cause of most data loss incidents. A careless individual, compromised account, or malicious insider is almost always involved with the unsafe or inappropriate sharing, transfer, or use of sensitive data.

Drawing on the findings of our global survey of 600 security professionals from 6 countries across Europe and the Middle East (12 countries globally), we’ll explore:

  • The top trends in data risk and loss
  • If current Data Loss Protection (DLP) and insider threat management programs are sufficient in our cloud-first, hybrid-working, generative AI-enabled world?
  • The severity of the problem - how many data loss incidents do EMEA organisations experience?
  • What, or rather who, is behind data loss - the careless user or your contractors?
  • What’s driving the adoption of DLP programs amongst your peers - regulation or the threat of intellectual property theft?

We'll also look at what the two upcoming European cybersecurity legislations, the Network & Information Systems (NIS) Regulations ‘NIS 2 Directive’ and DORA regulation for the financial sector, have to say about data loss and resilience.

Join our experts for a 30 minute live discussion and Q&A session to stay ahead of cyber threats through data loss and ensure your organisation follows information protection and governance best practices.

Download the Report

Download the report in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish to see how current ​approaches to ​data loss prevention​ (DLP)​ ​and insider threats​ are holding up against ​current challenges with careless users, departing employees, and ​generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).