2024 State of the Phish: A Year of Change in Europe and the Middle East


Recorded on Thursday 7th March 2024

People’s risky behaviours enable the current threat landscape. For a long time, security professionals have relied on training to drive behaviour change and to reduce people risk, but in vain.

Our report indicates that over 90% of surveyed respondents knowingly bypass security. Moreover, attackers keep upping their game— we see novel attack techniques targeting people, including MFA bypass, telephone-oriented attack delivery (TOAD), QR-code phishing, and becoming even more prevalent attacks using AI-powered tools.

How are your people reacting to these new types of attacks?

Join us for our 10th annual State of the Phish webinar for an in-depth discussion on the 2024 report findings, state of the threat landscape in Europe and the Middle East, as well as changes in the security behaviours and attitudes of people. In this 45-minute session, our experts will discuss:

  • Look back at the 2023 threat landscape— what changed and what remains
  • User behaviours and attitudes— discrepancies between security professionals and end users
  • What organisations are doing today to drive behaviour change and how to improve it
  • Multi-layered approach to combat human-activated threats