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Addressing the Challenges of Transactional Email with Secure Email Relay

Not all business emails are generated by people; in fact, most emails are transactional, generated by applications. Securing these messages, especially those that are sent on your behalf by SaaS partners, can be a challenge. Another challenge is ensuring application emails do not impact overall deliverability or put your organization at risk of being block listed. And finally, many customers are trying to migrate their email infrastructure to the cloud but are hitting roadblocks when it comes to application email.

Watch this 30-minute webinar where we will discuss how to overcome these challenges through a scalable cloud-based alternative that increases security, provides centralized control and frees up resources to focus on higher priorities.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce on-prem footprint and free up resources
  • Increase email security and deliverability
  • Add DKIM signing to application email for DMARC compliance
  • Gain control over 3rd party SaaS solutions sending email on your behalf