Compliances Series Dec 21


All Compliance Risks Begin with People: Learn the Key Steps towards a Modern Approach to Compliance


Do you know who in your organisation has the most significant exposure to compliance risk?  Are they at risk because of their actions, or are they targets? How do you build a complete picture of their risk profile identifying potential risky behaviour?

Join us in a lively discussion with senior compliance experts as we share best practices and tips on how you can achieve world-class Supervision, from implementation, optimisation in production and how to look ahead to apply practical AI machine learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What is required to harness and supervise modern eCommunication channels.
  • How big data analytics and machine-learning can be brought to bear in the fight against misconduct by building an effective people-centric view
  • How to implement a security culture can that prospects your people from compliance violations, whilst safeguarding the whole organisation.