Break the Attack Chain Part 2:

Developing the Position


Recorded on 5th December 2023

Identity and access vulnerabilities remain at the forefront of security concerns for every organisation. With the increasing sophistication of threat actors, traditional boundaries like active directories, service accounts and overlooked credentials left on devices can become the weakest links – exposing entire organisations to potential breaches.

In Part 2 of our LinkedIn Live series, Developing the Position, Tim Nursall from our Identity Threat Defense team explains how threat actors exploit identity-related vulnerabilities to escalate privileges allowing them to seamlessly traverse through corporate networks, evading detection from standard security measures.

Gain insights into real-world tactics as we discuss red team operations and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) techniques. Witness the alarming speed at which significant security breaches can occur, as vulnerabilities are identified and exploited within mere minutes – leading to the rapid deployment of ransomware across an organisation.

Don't miss this opportunity to fortify your understanding and bolster your identity threat defense program. Arm yourself with knowledge, be proactive and ensure that your organisation remains a step ahead of potential cyber threats.