Compliances Series Dec 21


Capturing and Managing Communications. Data in the Modern Enterprise

So much data, so much risk, and so few resources to manage that risk. The Modern Enterprise needs to conduct its business with modern tools that link their people, customers and partners together. 

There is significant risk here too with threats posed by individuals acting erroneously in good faith, acting carelessly or acting with deliberate malicious intent. 

Our actions and behaviours are a source of regulatory, reputational and financial risk. 

Join us for a lively and yet strategic session where we will discuss how the Modern Enterprise needs solutions that will give them the capability to capture all eCommunication and manage that data efficiently and effectively.

In this session, we will explore:

  • What it takes to meet the competing demands of regulations and privacy
  • What are the needs to investigate either for legal, internal audit or HR-related purposes.
  • How global leaders can achieved the above with ease and at scale.