Cost of Compliance 2020


Cost of Compliance Panel

$270 billion is the amount per year that the financial industry alone spends on maintaining compliance. In Europe alone, the European Union’s overhaul of data privacy regulation is estimated to have generated 114 million euros ($126 million) in fines since it was introduced almost two years ago – a staggering 160,000 data breach notifications across Europe. 

These impressively large numbers hide the challenges faced by each individual organisation that needs to keep up with the changing regulations while maintaining reporting and customer service.

Join us on this Live Talk with leading experts from Thomson Reuters, PIMCO and Surveillance at Société Générale; as we discuss the factors driving compliance cost, together with how regulatory technology (Reg Tech) and modern-day data behaviour are evolving through 2020.
As every penny reduced in compliance cost is another penny onto the profit line of your organisation, we anticipate this panel discussion will be a rewarding and profitable event to attend. 

The Live Talk is led by Michael McGrath, Senior Director for Compliance and Digital Risk at Proofpoint. He is joined by:

Susannah Hammond, Senior Regulatory Intelligence Expert at Thomson Reuters.
Dennis Sullivan, Vice President, Senior Compliance Officer at PIMCO.
Paul Clulow-Phillips, Managing Director - Global Head of Markets Compliance and Global Head of Surveillance at Société Générale.