How to Defend Your Microsoft 365 Cloud Email Infrastructure

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Recorded live on Feb 23, 2023

Many organizations that adopt cloud collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365 rely on the native security capabilities provided within them. And the shift away from securing the SMTP email gateway to protecting the cloud email platform often proves that augmenting this built-in protection with solutions like API-enabled email security is a smart decision. But how to do so isn’t always clear. 

In this webinar, you'll learn everything you need to know about supplementing your cloud-based email security to stay ahead of today’s advanced email attacks. 

Join us and guest speaker, former Gartner Senior Director Analyst Mark Harris, as we discuss: 

  • Why native security tools like Microsoft Security need additional protection 

  • When your organization should consider implementing added security 

  • How to take a proactive, layered approach to combat today’s advanced email threats