Digital defenders, cyber villains, and employees


Recorded on 31st October 2023

Understanding how the cyber threat landscape is shaped by human driven motives and objectives will help you better understand how to protect your organisation and employees from ever-evolving threats.

We conclude Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a 30-minute webinar summarising the latest attack trends and strategies which Security leaders and employees need to be aware of to defend their organisations.

Find out:

  • Why threat actors target certain employees and who they are.
  • How they change attack techniques, from BEC to evolving ransomware to meet their objectives.
  • Who the main cyber criminals are, and the potential of AI-powered attacks
  • How employees can tell if they’re being targeted with social engineering, and the actions to take to protect themselves.


Who Should Attend
This event is suitable for Security leaders, CISOs and CIOs.