Navigating Through a Pandemic as a CISO, and beyond


Navigating Through a Pandemic as a CISO, and Beyond

Cybercriminals continue to leverage uncertainty and fear to launch malicious campaigns with one aim in mind – to get your people to click. These attacks are targeted at people and require social engineering to succeed. What’s more, the disruption we are all facing today has forced us all to quickly adapt, move to a WFH environment and potentially exposing our users to increased attacks – from phishing to business email compromise attacks. 

While the cybercriminals remain busy in their pursuit of exploiting our employees, the CISOs role has been pushed to new limits. So how must CISOs and their security teams evolve to better protect your organisation this year? 

Join Fabrice BRU, CISO, Administrator of ‘Club des Experts de la Sécurité de l’Information et du Numérique’ (CESIN) and Loïc Guézo, Senior Director, Cybersecurity at Proofpoint as they share real life experiences on how this community of CISOs have joined together to update their security programmes to ensure we thrive in this digital-first world, despite the pandemic.