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Protect Your Data Against the Insider Threat Risk

As the workforce rapidly shifts to remote work, the complexity of protecting IP and sensitive data has grown exponentially. Old models of locking down the perimeter no longer apply. Instead, a modern, people-centric approach to Insider Threat Management can complement existing information protection programs, while providing greater visibility and context into both user behaviour and data movement

Part of our Live Talk Series: Cybersecurity in a Digital-First World, in a 30-mns Live Talk ‘Protecting Your Data Against The Insider Threat Risk’ with Proofpoint’s Rob Bolton and Lee Duff Insider Threat Management specialists we discuss:

  • The types of insider threat profiles and how to address them. For example, organizations may not know how that more than 60% of insiders are negligent.
  • Why insider threats are unique and require context into both user and data activity. 
  • How to reduce response time by accelerating investigations. The longer the response times, the costlier an incident can get.
  • And more!

Happy watching! For more on the Live Talk Series: Cybersecurity in a Digital-First World click here


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