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Four Best Practices to Reducing insider risk in the new [work] reality

Did you know 99% of all threats are human-activated, and 96% of all data breaches start with people?
[Source: Gartner.]

Despite this reality, most organisations rely on traditional cybersecurity tools that focus more on data and systems than on people. Whether the intent is negligent, malicious or criminal, it’s time to protect your business against data loss and brand damage. The best, most modern security solutions are designed to be people-centric.

Join Rob Bolton, Senior Director and and Julian Mauss, Technical Expert at Proofpoint Insider Threat Management, to learn about the four best practices to manage insider threats. Learn why it’s critical to blend people, process and technology to detect, investigate and respond to insider risk in today’s new [work] reality.

In this talk, you will learn:

• How distributed workforces and third-party workers access systems and data
• The unique risks of insider threats
• How to protect against data loss
• Why a people-centric approach is key to mitigating insider risk