Proofpoint Remote Worker and Business Continuity Solutions


Live Talks: Securing Data & Access for Your Growing Remote Workforce

The 2020 cyber threat landscape has changed drastically just over the last month as more and more employees are mandated to work from home around the world. But in the rush to ensure business continuity, do you know how to keep your end users protected?

Join our Live Talks conversational series with Proofpoint's experts Ryan Kalember, EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy and Mike Stacy, Director of Advanced Technology Sales Engineering as they discuss remote security best practices and how you can keep users connected to the data and systems they need to do their job, without compromising how you protect your organization's most valuable assets.

In this webinar, we'll share:
- Remote access security best practices to securely transitioning a remote workforce, and how to adapt your security control stack
- Insight from the Proofpoint Threat Intel team into how threat actors are targeting newly remote workers
- The free tools that Proofpoint is offering to help our customers stay secure as they move to a more remote workforce