New Realities of Insider Threats & Work from Home - Featuring Forrester Research

Organizations are not only managing a massive increase in the number of remote workers, but also remotely supporting a set of business-critical functions that traditionally are exclusively in-office activities. This shift in workforce dynamics brings a unique set of cybersecurity and insider threat considerations. As our guest, VP and Research Director Joseph Blankenship from Forrester Research, writes: the pandemic has created the "perfect conditions for insider threat ."

Join Proofpoint and Forrester Research experts for a panel session as they discuss the new realities of a distributed workforce and how to better understand and respond to insider threat risk. In this webinar, they'll explore:

- The new realities of how a distributed workforce accesses systems and data
- The unique risks of insider threats and how to combat them
- Why people-centric cybersecurity is the optimal approach to mitigating risk