CIO JAN 2021


An Overdue Shift to People-Centric Security

The forces of digital transformation are reshaping work and cyber trends at light speed. As your organisation increasingly outsource its data centres and enable remote working, your people are your new perimeter. But do you know when or how your executives are being targeted? Do you know who the most cyber attacked people in your organisation are? Are your very attacked people (VAPs) the same your very important people (VIPs)? And do you know how your VAPs overlap with behavioural vulnerabilities and access privileges?

More than 99% of all targeted cyber-attacks exploit human errors rather than system flaws.

You need to protect your companies’ greatest assets - its people, and the data that they have access to. You must have visibility into the risky behaviours that indicate that your people may fall for a modern, socially engineered attack. The only way to successfully combat today’s advanced attacks is to focus on protecting your people.

In this talk, Proofpoint’s EMEA Resident CISO, Andrew Rose and International Cybersecurity Strategist, Adenike Cosgrove, will explain:

  • types of external and internal threat profiles
  • why the shift to people-centric security is relevant, urgent, and long overdue
  • introduce the new people-based threat intelligence required to prioritise, implement, and evolve your people-centric cybersecurity strategy