A People-Centric Approach to Managing Insider Threats Introducing ObserveIT

Insider Threats are quickly becoming one of the greatest cyber security threats that organisations face today. They are responsible for three million records are stolen every day and at the heart of 57% of all database breaches last year (Verizon 2019). Research also shows that the average time to spot and contain an insider threat is a massive 77 days -- just 13% of incidents are caught within 30 days (Ponemon 2020).

The reason they are so prolific and take so long to deal with is because anyone with legitimate, trusted access to an organisation’s systems and data – whether full-time employee, part-time contractor or strategic business partner – can be an Insider Threat.

Managing insider threats fundamentally requires a people-centric approach. With the acquisition of ObserveIT, Proofpoint adds a powerful Insider Threat Management platform to our portfolio of People Centric cybersecurity solutions. The ObserveIT platform delivers unique capability to monitor both user and file activity, enabling security and compliance professionals can be alerted to risky, out-of-policy activities and any unexplained changes in user behaviour in real-time; successfully stopping and investigating any activity before it becomes a full-blown breach.

Join ObserveIT | Proofpoint SVP Mayank Choudhary, in this webinar to:

  • Learn how the key components of full visibility – user activity, data activity, and behaviour analytics – provide the necessary context to understanding Insider Threats
  • Discover how an organisation’s risk of an Insider Threat can be reduced through always-on monitoring, without compromising user privacy and compliance; with real-life case studies to illustrate
  • See a demo explaining of how out-of-policy user activity is detected and investigated on-the-spot
  • Learn about the different types of Insider Threats and find out what steps you can take to build your own Insider Threat Management program