People Centric Security

Threat actors are increasingly targeting people, not infrastructure, and the move to the cloud is changing the way organisations need to protect themselves.

At Proofpoint, we help you understand and gain visibility into your greatest risk – your people. Not just your people, but also the data they have access to and the behaviors that indicate they will fall for a modern, social-engineered attack.

We can provide you insight into:

  • How your people are targeted by threats – whether they receive highly targeted, very sophisticated, or high volumes of attacks.
  • How your people access valuable data – if they access or manage sensitive systems or data, they might be at higher risk of data misuse, loss, or leakage through business-critical systems or third-party apps.
  • How your people work in high-risk ways – whether, intentional or not, they have a history of clicking on malicious links or attachments or interacting with vulnerable apps.

10 minute recording