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The Private Life of Data

Just as your data is the life blood of your organisation, so as in all living things it has a life. At each stage data requires different levels of security: newly created data and that in active use needs to be easy to access, historic data needs to be found, and archives need to be kept secure. Moreover with email, mobile, chatbots, social media so the volume of data grows exponentially, and costs only start small.

As a CISO or Legal compliance officer, your data may sometimes feels like a precocious and unruly child, and all the while your job is to protect and nurture it. 

Join this Proofpoint webinar to discover how to develop a modern e-discovery and compliance strategy, including:
- How to control the costs associated with exponential data growth and storage
- How to mitigate financial harm and reputation risk by protecting the data of your employees and clients
- How to retain, discover and supervise your data while adhering to complex and changing international regulations

Presenters: Michael McGrath, Senior Director, Compliance and Digital Risk, Proofpoint Jen Gough, Competitive Specialist, Proofpoint

Join us as we share over 15 years of experience and demonstrate best-practice in data protection, archiving and compliance in 2020