Cloud Originated Ransomware Attacks


Cloud Originated Ransomware Attacks

How to augment your O365 security against this modern-day problem.

Ransomware is an old threat that persists as a modern-day problem. This type of malware – which gets name from the payment it demands after locking away or threatening to expose victims' files – is a major issue for any organisation that relies on IT. And as organisations move into the cloud, Ransomware is becoming one of today’s most disruptive types of cyberattacks, putting victims out of business, forcing hospitals to turn away patients, and bringing entire city governments to a standstill.

Watch this webinar replay where Proofpoint cybersecurity experts dissect how cloud originated ransomware attacks have become a proven money maker for cybercriminals and how you can better protect your company’s cloud environment.

In this 30-mns insightful session, you will learn:

  • How to protect against the new wave of Malicious Integrated Apps.
  • How to detect ransomware and malware using augmented security in addition to native O365 security.
  • Deep dive into new variant Employer 21 Ransomware, QBot malware, & Remcos RAT infestation.