Reducing the $11.45 M Cost of Insider Threats: It’s Payback Time

Most organizations understand the challenge of external cyber attacks. But many of today’s biggest threats come from within. Whether it’s careless users, disgruntled employees or compromised accounts, the cost of insider threats has increased 31% over the last two years, to an average annual rate of $11.45M and it's on the rise. 

Could organisations reduce these costs, while achieving positive ROI? According to new research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), with a purpose-insider solution that protects your organisation from insider risk, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” 

In the case of insider threats, security doesn’t need to be a cost centre. In fact, insider threat management (ITM) technology can pay for itself in only 5 months.

Join our industry experts in this webinar and we will show you how you can break down the cost of insider threats, reduce operational expenditure by 56% – and better protect your organisation from insider risk.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase productivity and improved regulatory compliance
  • Improve security effectiveness and reduce insider risk
  • Reduce insider threat costs by up to 56%