Ransomware EMEA 2021


Stop Ransomware at its root

Reduce the risk in M365 by giving it the protection it deserves.


Ransomware is growing by 300% a year, with 75% of Ransomware attacks starting with a phishing email.

More recently, ransomware actors have moved to a “big game hunting” strategy to encrypt as many systems and steal as much data as possible to increase their leverage in ransom negotiations.

Your xDR will help you respond once you already have a ransomware problem. But how do you measurably reduce the risk of that problem occurring before it's too late?​

Join this xx-minute session where we will discuss common attack vectors for ransomware and demonstrate how you can quickly reduce your risk by enhancing your M365 protection.

In this session, we will dive deeper into how you can:

Block & Reduce risk of a ransomware attack being activated and impacting the organisation

  • Gain greater visibility into how attackers are attempting to install ransomware
  • Achieve operational efficiency with automated remediation of ransomware threats
  • Give M365 the protection it deserves with a multi-layered protection that includes leading detection, isolation, authentication, education and automated remediation capabilities.